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Hateful Monday "Lions And Jackals" (Ep 7")

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Image of Hateful Monday "Lions And Jackals" (Ep 7")

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2 copies left !! (Black vinyl + Cd)

Black vinyl 7" or Clear Transparent 7" in gatefold cover + Cd

Punk rock/melodic punk from Geneva (Switzerland)

Listen here:https://hatefulmonday.bandcamp.com/album/lions-and-jackals

1.Support UNPO members (G8 nations sucks, war sucks, you suck!) 02:21

2.We're Not Annoyed, We're Furious 01:23

3.Puer Aeternus (The Kidult's Revenge) 02:15

4.Heart Sink 01:03

5.Seeds Of Self-Destruction 00:57

6.This Is North, Goddammit! 02:28