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MSL JAX "s/t" (Cd)

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Power pop/90's rock from Angoulême (France)

Listen here: https://msljax.bandcamp.com/album/msl-jax-2009

Released September 9, 2009.
Recorded on Sept. 2008 by Mez.
Mixed on April 2009 by Michel Toledo.
Mastered on June 2009 by Arnaud Houpert.
Pictures by P. Bossuyt & Dan Kerosene.

1.Being Washed By The Sea 02:37

2.One Short Of A Six-Pack Sounds 03:08

3.Like A Girl In A Tree 03:31

4.Back In A Mysterious Town 03:31

5."I Ain't Afraid" She'd Finally Said 02:52

6.No Matter If You Fight Or Pray 03:30

7.Walk On 04:35

8.Put Your Train On Your Own Tracks 03:27

9.Leave Your TV Where It Stands (free) 02:34

10.But Never Talk About Comin' Back 02:59

11.To The Sad-Eyed Ladyland 03:08

12.Until The Old Grim Reaper Stops 02:03

13.The Clocks 00:39

14.Headin' The Sky, Feet On The Ground 06:23

15.INTERVIEW "Radio Béton" (par Henry en 2010) 05:27