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Kepi Ghoulie / Forest Pooky "Forgetting Things" (Split Lp)


Image of Kepi Ghoulie / Forest Pooky "Forgetting Things" (Split Lp)

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Clear transparent vinyl 12" with serigraphy on the B-side.

Listen here: https://forestpooky.bandcamp.com/album/forgetting-things

Handprinted cover. 4 unreleased tracks on side A. Artwork by Kepi. Only 500 pieces of this collector vinyl. Available on the 5 weeks European tour starting on the 17th of October 2013.

1.Kepi Ghoulie - Thirteen-Thirty Three 01:41
2.Kepi Ghoulie - Kepi Ghoulie - I need you, love 02:20
3.Forest Pooky - A little blank spot in my neurotic transmission 02:42
4.Forest Pooky - Forest Pooky - Tale of a familiar old man 03:59