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Billy Gaz Station "Skins and Licks From Hell" (Lp)

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Image of Billy Gaz Station "Skins and Licks From Hell" (Lp)

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Red vinyl with black marble 12" (special vinyl artwork)

90's Power-rock from Angoulême (France)
BILLY GAZ STATION = BILLY THE KILL (ex- Second Rate and Lost Cowboy Heroes, as well as folk singer) + MATGAZ (ex-Headcases and Glasnost).

More info: https://www.facebook.com/Billy-Gaz-Station-100349116703731

Release in April 2009.

1.Belzebuth's Skin 0:43

2.Lost Generation 3:00

3.Born Dead But Still Alive 3:34

4.3 Times To Break Up 4:13

5.Geneva 2:48

6.Fucking Flies 3:51

7.Long Winter Under The Sun 3:50

8.Hard On! 4:01

9.Detroit Ghost City 3:28

10.Born In The M.O.N 2:28

11.Belzebuth's Licks 2:52

12.Different Fish 2:47

13.Grant Hart 1:58